Restore Your Core: Pelvic Floor Health for Women

April 1, 2017—1:00 – 4:00pm
@ Acacia Natural Health
2804 Grand Ave. Suite 202

Do you cross your legs when you sneeze, cough or laugh?
Are you experiencing pelvic pain or discomfort during sex?

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In this experiential self-care workshop, we’ll go beyond “kegels” and learn how to access the subtle muscles of the pelvic floor. Understand how your body’s alignment and muscle tightness and weakness can impact pelvic floor function and health.

We begin with an in-depth presentation and discussion about key anatomical structures in the pelvic floor and common dysfunctions, including urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain. You will be guided through exercises and movements designed to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, including breath awareness, posture and meditation.

Restore your core to health through this informative Workshop, deepen your awareness and experience how to relax, tone and strengthen this region to maintain a stable and supple pelvic floor.

Workshop $45 Pre-register or $50 at the door.
*This practical workshop is for women at all stages of life.*
Please wear comfortable clothes for movement practice and bring a yoga mat.

This Workshop is Great For Women Experiencing:

Pelvic pain

Low back, hip or groin problems

Discomfort during sex or while using tampons

Skin irritation

Prolapsed organs

Leak when laughing or sneezing

Have to go to the bathroom to often

Pregnancy and birth

SUZI ZOBRIST’s exploration into women’s pelvic floor health began 7 years ago when she became a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and has since completed the “Yoga for the Pelvic Floor” Teacher Training with Leslie Howard. Her vision is to empower Women to restore pelvic floor health and revitalize their sexual essence. Suzi has been teaching Yoga on Orcas Island since 1999 and is the Founder of Orcas Mandala Yoga & Bodywork Studio. Suzi draws upon her own life experience of healing from ovarian cancer and integrates her years of training in Yoga, Visionary Craniosacral Work and Shamanic Ceremonial practices into her Workshops. For more information:

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April 1, 2017—1:00 – 4:00pm
@ Acacia Natural Health
2804 Grand Ave. Suite 202