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Yin Yang Water

Several years ago, I suffered from chronic headaches. At one time, I was fortunate enough to be getting massages from a very gifted healer in exchange for some gardening. During a session, I told her about my headaches. She asked how much water I was drinking. At the time I was working as a farmer’s apprentice. I worked in the hot sun from when it came up to when it went down, and I wasn’t drinking much water. So with her advice, I drank small amounts–4-6oz–of water regularly throughout the day. Within a few days my headaches were going away.

Since then I have found that my body nags at me when I don’t get enough water. I have learned to recognize these symptoms and drink small amounts regularly. So, when I learned about Yin Yang water, I was very excited.

Yin Yang Water

I first learned about the tradition of Yin Yang water from one of my noun_88235teachers, Boonchai. He recommended we take a cup of hot water and mix it with a cup of room temp water and drink it first thing in the morning before anything else. He described the warm water helps to replenish the fluids we loose at night while relaxing and expending the digestive system a little bit. It helps the turbid Qi decend so the clear Yang Qi can rise. Sometimes the best medicines are the most simple.

I make Yin Yang water almost every day now and talk with my patients about it regularly. Every time I see the subtle indicators of pre-dehydration, I ask them about their water intake. They almost always respond, “probably not enough.”

There is a lot of information going around online about the health benefits of drinking large amounts of water first thing in the morning. As far as I can tell, none of it is backed up with the science it claims to be held by. However, I still think it is a good idea to at least try out. It may help you, it may not.


So I propose a little ritual. First thing in the morning, you will need;

noun_28568– 1 cup of clean hot water (Yang)

– 1 cup of clean room temperature water (Yin)

Mix them together and take a second…hold the cup in your hands and really realize what that water is doing for your body. Take a moment to connect with the water and feel some gratitude for all the life giving properties it is offering you.

Then drink it down.



I have found that this little ritual helps clear my mind in the morning. It helps me have a good bowel movement, I am not chasing symptoms of dehydration through the day, and I am developing a real sense of gratitude for the water I drink. I aim for drinking 12-16 oz. You might have to experiment with the right amount. Always listen to your body and talk to your health care professional if you have concerns.

I don’t think Yin Yang water will give you, or me, super powers (although a good BM does the trick sometimes), and it probably does not meet all the claims made online, but it still works.

Water is Life.