Sound Healing

December 10th
1-2 pm free informational session
2-3:15 pm Healing Meditation $40 (pre-purchase)
at Acacia Natural Health

A unique sound healing experience with Kamla Yonzon and Jamuna Galay-Tamang

Kamala Yonzon with traditional singing bowls

Kamala and Jamuna will be using traditional singing bowls as a way to facilitate deep and profound healing to the participants of this workshop. They will provide some basic understanding of how traditional singing bowls are made and their significance in healing different aspects of the human being. Kamala and Jamuna will open the door to a complete and powerful healing system using traditional singing bowls. After this workshop and healing meditation you will be able to utilize these tools in your own meditative practice. Come learn the multilayered significance and culture of traditional singing bowls.

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Singing Bowls

The sounds generated by traditional Singing Bowls are a vibrational energy medicine which promotes healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, anxiety, and many other forms of dis-ease. With the singing bowls, healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronize with the resonance of the bowls. The healing is not just physical but also reaches emotional and spiritual levels. Singing bowls will be available for purchase before and after the event.

Kamala Yonzon

 Kamala comes from a small village in the foothills of the Himalayas in her native land of Nepal. As a child she was chosen by the village elders to do traditional Nepali healing work. She had four master teachers before beginning her own practice.

She continued her practice in Kathmandu for many years before moving to Canada.

Kamala brings over thirty years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of traditional Nepali healing and massage practices. She has extensive knowledge in traditional Nepali baby massage, is an Ayurvedic massage practitioner, and a Reiki Master. Her passion now is in traditional singing bowl healing, which she practices with her husband who is a lay-monk and healer as well.

Kamala has three grown children. She has a shop in Vancouver, BC called Nepali Himalayan Handicrafts & Meditation, which she runs with her husband, Dam Chhoi Lama.





Jamuna Galay-Tamang

Jamuna was born in North Vancouver, BC and has ancestry in Nepal, Dene First Nations, and Europe. She has always been called to the healing arts and her mixed descent has offered a diversity of teachings. She is a registered nurse, a Reiki Level One practitioner and a devout student of traditional Native American teachings. She currently lives in Vancouver and attends the University of British Columbia’s graduate school of journalism. Jamuna is Kamala’s eldest daughter and often assists with Singing Bowl healings offered at their shop.


We need at least 8 people to purchase tickets in advance to make sure Kamala is able to make the trip from Canada to Everett. There is a limit of 15 people and we expect seats to fill up quickly. If we have to postpone the event, we will fully refund your money and notify you.


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or email and we will send you an invoice.