Free Talk: DIY Back and Neck Pain Relief

Free Talk: DIY Back and Neck Pain Relief

Join us
Thursday / May 31st
7-8:30 pm at Acacia Natural Health


As part of our ongoing FREE home care and self maintenance series, we are happy to announce this event. Learn how to dramatically reduce, and even eliminate, upper back and neck pain using all natural methods.

Tim McGee, cofounder and clinical director of Acacia Natural Health, will be teaching this powerful and practical class.

This event is for anyone who suffers from mild to severe upper back and neck tension or pain. All methods discussed are safe, easy, and can be modified to meet your needs.

Attendees of this class will learn

  • 6 simple and powerful upper back, neck, and shoulder focused stretches to increase mobility and decrease pain. These exercises are the first set of exercise in a longer form called Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa, 18 Medical Health Exercises.
  • How to perform gua sha safely on yourself and others (What is “gua sha?” See below.)
  • What not to do when you are trying to heal your neck and upper back.

“Gua sha”  is an ancient art of relieving pain in the body, reducing systemic inflammation, and increasing the body’s own immune system using a smooth tool that is scraped against the skin. These methods are used by millions all over the world and now you can do it too.


We will go over the basics of gua  including;

  • Different tools you can use
  • When it is safe and when it isn’t
  • How to use it on the upper back and neck with some specific applications

As a special BONUS for attending this free class, all attendees will receive a free gua sha tool.

Don’t wait to register. Space is limited and the event will fill to capacity. Plan on wearing some clothes that will expose your upper back and neck (a loose fitting shirt or tank top will be fine). Please only register if you are going to come so that everyone who wants to attend is able to make it.


See you on Thursday!