Free Talk: Natural Secrets for Heart Health

Tips and tricks to take care of your heart

Thursday February 28th
@ Acacia Natural Health
2804 Grand Ave, Suite 202 Everett WA


February is International Heart Health Awareness month. Join us for another free talk at Acacia Natural Health and learn all natural ways to support your heart health. Tim McGee, EAMP, will be giving this cutting edge talk.

Participants will learn simple techniques that a take few minutes to develop heart health and cardiac coherence. These techniques, supported by ancient wisdom and modern science, are powerful and practical.

Learn to;

  • Reduce heart rate
  • Decrease excess cortisol levels
  • Increase stress adaptation
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Increase sluggish metabolism
  • Use breathing to “get high on your own supply”

The key to heart health is in our own hands, our own breath, and our own control.

Participants will also receive a coupon for a FREE STRESS-LESS TREATMENT- just for showing up.

The human body is designed to achieve and sustain perfect hormonal balance. These techniques have helped thousands of people unlock this potential.

Tim will explain why these techniques work and show attendees EXACTLY what to do to get started ON THEIR OWN.

The FREE STRESS-LESS TREATMENT is a 15-30 minute treatment designed to ease anxiety and help restore your body’s natural sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

DON’t WAIT. These events fill to capacity.