Natural Therapies for Migraines and Headaches 

100 % natural and effective methods to reduce and eliminate migraines and headaches. Our proven therapies have helped thousands to overcome the challenges of chronic head pain without the use of medications or invasive procedures.

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Here are just a few of the kinds of headaches we see resolved on a daily basis. 

Migraine headaches

Tension headaches

Sinus headaches

Cluster headaches

Headaches from trauma

Hormonal headaches

TMJ headaches

Headaches from neck pain

Headaches from chemical sensitivities

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It was remarkable to feel how my intense and nauseating migraine pain transformed into a dull ache followed by complete absence of pain within hours of receiving acupuncture. Going to Acacia Natural Health for my sudden migraines has provided me with the only substantial pain relief to date.
Dan P.

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I am so grateful for your services! After two years years of physical therapy from a car accident, only you were able to give me any relief AND drug free.

Carrie H.

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Here is why our therapies work

We go to the root

Our methods go the cause of your problem while addressing the symptoms you are experiencing in the moment. Once we understand your unique situation, we tailor a treatment plan to awaken and enhance your body’s own natural healing processes to create long term relief.

We keep it simple

Healing your migraine or headache does not have to be difficult. Simple, targeted, diet and lifestyle changes are a clear and concise way to deal with the problem head on.

We keep it real

Migraines and headaches can be a serious and debilitating problem. Our methods effectively reduce and even eliminate headaches so you can get back to your life PAIN FREE quickly.

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Does acupuncture hurt?

Our needles are small and razor sharp. We are highly trained in techniques using gentle acupuncture so there is no pain.

How long do the needles stay in for?

Usually about 20-40 minutes. Most people just relax and enjoy the good feeling. A lot of people even fall asleep for a quick energizing nap.

Will I have to keep coming forever?

The vast majority of patients don't need long term maintenance. Once their condition is resolved, it stays that way.

Am I going to have to give up my favorite foods forever?

Most of our patients are able to eat the foods they enjoy once their healing process is complete.

Do I have to take herbs to get results?

We are always flexible and work with each person in a unique way. We find that using herbs and supplements can dramatically increase healing outcomes. If you are unable to take herbs, there are other ways we can enhance your treatment by using lifestyle and diet.

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I've taken supplements before and they didn't seem to work. How is your approach different?

We don't use a one-size-fits-all model in our practice. Each person is unique and we tailor our remedies just for you. If you know what you have tried in the past, write them down and bring them to your free consultation.

How do I know it is safe?

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. All of our practitioners are highly trained and fully licensed in the state of Washington. 

How long does it take to see results?

Most people notice a change in the way the feel and a decrease in symptoms after their first visit. Treatment lengths vary from person to person. In general we expect to see lasting results in 4-12 treatments.

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Here is how we help you heal from migraines and headaches

  • Root Cause Assesment

    First we look to find the cause of your problem. We use time tested and effective methods of evaluation that do not require expensive lab tests or invasive procedures.

  • Core Treatment Plan

    Next we complete a personalized treatment plan that starts to heal the root cause and other symptoms you may be experiencing. Your plan will include one or more of the following; acupuncture, manual therapy, cupping, herbs, targeted nutritional therapy, stress reduction and breathing exercies

  • Acupuncture

    We will do weekly acupuncture sessions targeted towards balancing your energy, reducing stress, and relieving pain. This natural and gentle therapy works to stimulate your body’s own healing response so you can heal on deeper levels.

  • Herbal Therapy

    We will formulate or choose personalized herbal remedies that offer the right support to supercharge your healing.

  • Ensure Stable, Lasting Results

    Once we have achieved a more balanced pattern of energy with a reduction in associated symptoms, we will gradually reduce the frequency of treatments. This will help to make sure your results last. After you are feeling better you will not need to come back. Some people choose to come back in for occasional “tune-ups,” but we trust your body’s ability to heal and stay healthy.

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